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What is iCaria?

iCaria is the premier web and mobile application for family health and wellness that is powered by IRIS, our intelligent assistant. We are integrated with over 17,000 care facilities across North America spanning hospitals, nursing, and retirement homes.

iCaria enables families to monitor and care for their elderly and loved ones as well as engage with the community of care givers and service providers.

iCaria tracks your health and wellness, improves adherence to discharge instructions, treatment plans, and medications as well as enables you to enroll in health and wellness programs.

iCaria has the world largest directory of organizations, hospitals, nursing home, clinics, professionals and other health and wellness facilities and service providers.

WhY iCaria?

For Families

  • Stay connected with your loved ones and the facility staff
  • Manage signup and payments for events and activities that best fit your interest
  • Get up to the minute updates on the condition and comfort of your loved ones
  • Easily find doctors, facilities, and programs that best meet your needs

For Residents

  • Stay connected with your family and share with their memories
  • Participate in events and sign up for fun and wellness activities
  • Communicate your needs with staff and family
  • Never feel alone, get help when needed

For Retirement Facilities

  • Create a vibrant and engaging community for your residents
  • Manage services, events, and approved list of external providers
  • Reduce communication load on your staff and improve family satisfaction
  • Make intelligent decisions based on past performance analysis

For Providers

  • Advertise your profile, services, and programs to get more clients
  • Expand your reach into more facilities and families based on intelligent recommendations
  • Simplify scheduling and payments while understanding local market needs
  • Make intelligent decisions based on past feedback and performance analysis

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